Our Team

Meet the Female Fusion team 

Female Fusion's headquarters are in Dubai, UAE, but our team are based globally to be able to support our members around the world. The easiest way to connect is to send an email directly to the team member you're trying to reach, or you can send us a direct message through the website or social media.

Jen Blandos, Founder & CEO

Jen is a highly successful entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience running seven-figure businesses. Originally from Canada, Jen has owned and managed businesses in several international cities, including London, Brussels, Dubai, and Abu Dhabi.

As the CEO and Founder of Female Fusion, a global professional network for female entrepreneurs, Jen is committed to helping women access opportunities to start, build, grow, and scale their businesses. With a community of more than 40,000, and close to 1,000 paid members, Female Fusion is focused on empowering women to build profitable businesses by accessing opportunities around the world. Jen's passion for supporting female entrepreneurs has made her a sought-after mentor and speaker in the industry.

In March 2023, Jen was named as one of 25 global female visionaries by Mastercard Priceless for the work that she does with female entrepreneurs.


Candace Van Niekerk, EA to Jen

Candace is the admin superstar and executive assistant to Jen Blandos at Female Fusion.

She is an experienced EA with over 10 years’ experience in industries such as hospitality, tourism, and education. 

Her superpowers include managing Jen’s extremely busy schedule, engaging with members in the network and providing event and community support. 

When she is not being the admin superstar at Female Fusion, Candace enjoys spending her time with her friends and family, she has a passion for animals as well as traveling to new and exciting places.  

You can reach Candace at [email protected] and catch her at Female Fusion events and online masterclasses.

Silja Eatock, Head of People

Silja is the head of people at Female Fusion and supports Jen with overall direction of the business. You might also meet Silja hosting one of the Female Fusion events in the UAE or hosting online networking, whilst Jen is connecting with members worldwide.

With a love of languages (she speaks 5) Silja loves working with Female Fusion's global members too!

Silja also manages Allium, her business support consultancy which provides bespoke and strategic operational and administrative support to independent professionals and businesses.

In her spare time she enjoys balcony gardening, has a passion for literature and continues to support the Topsy Foundation, the non-profit she co-founded in South Africa.

You can reach Silja at [email protected] and catch her at Female Fusion Events and online masterclasses.

Mel Borgen, Community Management

Mel is the community and content specialist at Female Fusion.

Her specialties include video editing, content creation, member support, and podcast production.

Mel is consistently working on creating meaningful content, engaging with members in the Facebook Groups and Female Fusion Community and helping members navigate the Female Fusion landscape,

With a Bachelor's degree in Communication and over 8 years of experience supporting entrepreneurs in their online communities, Mel has a passion for online education and content marketing.

When Mel isn't busy creating content, she's spending time in the picturesque Blue Mountains of Sydney, Australia with her two adorable kids, Piper and Charlie, or indulging in her love for animals, film, and books. 

You can reach Mel at [email protected] and catch her at in the Facebook Groups and the Female Fusion community.

Tamsin Hoppe, Junior Admin

Tamsin Hoppe is Female Fusion’s young gem and is part of the admin team.

She is extremely creative and dedicated, and her work ethic is strong and shows her ambition to succeed. With a Bachelor's degree with Honours in Drama, she loves getting involved with the community and thrives off face-to-face interactions.

Besides running the day-to-day office tasks she also helps run events and works behind the scenes.

In her free time, Tamsin spends it with her family and friends. She loves socialising, travelling and the beach to soak up the sun.

You can reach Tamsin at [email protected] and find her at Female Fusion events and online masterclasses.