About Female Fusion

Female Fusion is a global digital network and community that helps female entrepreneurs start, build, grow and scale their businesses.

We are for all women, and all stages of business.

Our members are established successful entrepreneurs as well as women who are just getting started. There are all types of businesses - both product and service-based. Our members are all ages, nationalities and cultures. We have members who live and do business all over the world - what connects us is that we're women in business.

Our online platform, community, network, business coaching and discounts provide all women with the tools to succeed and thrive in business. 

One day we hope Female Fusion won't be needed

But today we need Female Fusion. Female-founded businesses don't get access to the same opportunities that men do, and that's a problem for us. We believe that everyone should access a level playing field, especially in business. Through our global strength in numbers, we're able to open up opportunities, create networks and give women access to the knowledge and expertise they need to create a business that is not only one that they love, but also profitable.

Our Members

 We often get asked who our members are - and the answer is everyone!

Female Fusion has more than 100 different nationalities in the membership and everyone is welcome.

Predominant nationalities include: Australia, Canada, Egypt, France, Germany, Ghana, Greece, India, Kenya, New Zealand, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines, South Africa, South Korea, The Netherlands, UAE, UK and USA.

We currently have in-person meet-ups in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, London, Sydney and Auckland. We also encourage our members to organise local events in their own countries, as the power of connection helps everyone grow!

Stages of Business

Our members are at all stages of business growth

Get Involved!

There's a number of ways that you can join us in Female Fusion: