Whether you're just starting out or have been running a business for years,
Female Fusion offers a diverse range of digital courses tailored to every stage of your entrepreneurial journey.

Getting Started With Entrepreneurship

How to Get Clear on Your Business Idea

... and build the business of your dreams!

This is a must-attend masterclass for anyone who is thinking of getting into entrepreneurship. In 90-minutes you'll learn about everything to expect when setting up a business. This includes:

  • A sneak peek of a day in the life of an entrepreneur
  • Exploring the types of businesses that you can set up
  • Getting clear on what your business will do
  • Diving deeper into your product/service offering to make sure that you've selected the right business to create for you and your lifestyle

From Idea To Trade Licence ... the must have course for anyone who wants to set-up a business in the UAE

Are you considering setting up a business in the UAE, but not sure where to start? With more than 50 different licensing jurisdictions in the UAE, it can be challenging to work out how to set up your business and where. We want to save you the uncertainty and misunderstanding of navigating the UAE. This course will save you weeks of time helping you get clear on your business idea and explaining the process of how to get a trade licence in the UAE.

  • 24 video modules
  • 4 downloads - including a list of licensing authorities, a list of people who can help get your business set up and checklists to help make the process easier

If You Already Have A Business

Scale Up Your Business

Get access to this exclusive 10-day masterclass series designed to scale your business to the next level. With actionable tasks and daily workbooks, this series is meticulously crafted to make an immediate impact in your business.

The Scale Up Masterclasses include:

Scale Up Your Business
Systems and Automations That Scale
Sell Without Selling
Effective Elevator Pitches
Lead Magnet Mastery
Easy Email Marketing
Get Fully Booked
Going Global
Boost Your Business Profit
Become A Power Networker
BONUS: Implementation Plan


Business Planning ... for the year ahead

In this pre-recorded course, you'll have access to pre-recorded videos that will take you through how to create a plan for the year ahead., you'll learn how to create an implementable roadmap for the year ahead.This includes: review your business' performance from the previous year; business systems; team review; pricing; marketing; customer experience; sales pipeline; ascension model for products and services; digital assets; content creation; creating a plan that works for you and your business; and goal setting.

The course includes: 3 modules with over 25 videos in total and a 62-page planning workbook.


Grow Your Business Without Social Media

This marketing-focused masterclass will help you discover other marketing activities that you can introduce in your business other than just social media. This includes:

  • How to create a marketing plan that's right for your business
  • Identify the right marketing activities for maximum impact
  • Implement at 30-day action plan that will deliver immediate results

✨ This course is free for paid Female Fusion members - simply login to the member's portal to access it


How to launch your first podcast 

... in 30 days

Have you ever considered starting a podcast but felt overwhelmed by where to begin, causing you to delay taking the plunge? This masterclass is delivered by Jen Blandos who has recorded more than 100 podcast episodes, of the Female Fusion podcast, Women on the Rise. It's been ranked in the top 10 charts in several markets around the world.

This masterclass will give you a framework to start your podcast journey and put a podcast out to the world in just 30 days. 

✨ This course is free for paid Female Fusion members - simply login to the member's portal to access it 


28-day digital course creation challenge

Discover how to generate extra revenue with our 28-day course creation challenge. This on-demand online course will guide you through developing and selling your online course using Kajabi, from initial strategy to live delivery and launch. You'll learn to create impactful digital courses, utilise Kajabi’s email system, build effective funnels, and successfully promote your course to attract enrolments.

Even better is that you'll get a 30-day free trial with Kajabi which should mean that you'll be able to generate enough revenue to cover your subscription cost! If you're a paid member of Female Fusion, you'll get this course free. If you'd like to take the course, if you keep your subscription with Kajabi we'll refund you the cost of this course!


Ready To Use Templates

Personal Branding Template Pack

Everything an entrepreneur needs to quickly build their personal brand. This template pack includes:
Personal Profile and Biography Template: Craft a captivating and compelling bio that truly reflects your story, values, and achievements.
Podcast Profile Template: Elevate your podcast guesting game with our professionally designed profile template. Gain an edge in pitching to potential shows and increase your chances of securing guest spots on top podcasts.
Personal Branding Photoshoot: Get picture-perfect results with ease. Our template will guide you in communicating your vision to photographers, ensuring you capture the perfect shots that align with your personal brand. You'll also get a checklist of everything you need to consider when planning your personal branding photo shoot.


2024 Social Media Content Calendar

This content calendar is designed for entrepreneurs, creators, and business owners who want to fast track their social media content game for 2024.

Inside the Content Calendar you have:

  • 2024 social media calendar
  • 150 viral video & caption hooks
  • 93 non-salesy, high-converting call to action (CTAs)
  • 2024 key international dates to plan your social media around

✨ This course is free for paid Female Fusion members - simply login to the member's portal to access it