How to do more with less

build grow new business research sales Jul 18, 2022

I need to sell more!

Have you ever had this problem in your business? You’re not making enough money or even hitting your financial targets, so you want to create more? You maybe try to introduce new products or services – because then maybe people will buy more from you, and you really need the money!

The problem is that this very rarely works. The more we introduce, the more confusion our customer has. Think about it… how do you feel if you look at a restaurant menu and you’ve got 300+ choices? Overwhelmed right? It becomes so hard to decide what you want to eat that you don’t read the entire menu, and you maybe don’t even select the meal you want, because there are just too many darn choices! The food probably isn’t that great either as the chefs have too many menu options that they need to perfect.

The same can go for business. You have too much going on, too many products, too many services and it leads to confusion with your customers or clients. This is very common with new businesses, but it can also happen with more established businesses who are trying to bring more money into the business.

So how can you get your revenue up, without working yourself into burnout by over-creating?

What can you do?

👉 Look at your current business. What's working, what isn't? It’s okay to make adjustments to your product or service. This might be a quicker fix than introducing plenty more.
👉 Be clear on who your customers are. Rather than introducing more, sense check what your customers want and what they’ll pay for. You can quickly do this by running a survey or speaking directly to your customers.
👉 Identify what adjustments you can make now in your business. What do you do well, what will bring in money to the business now, without adding the complexity of new services or products?
👉 Stick with one or two new ideas (products/services) if you do want to introduce them into your business. Do them well, then move onto implementing your new ideas. If you do it all at once, you will lose focus and likely not deliver the very best that you could with fewer ideas.
👉 Learn from other entrepreneurs who have experienced the same thing as you. Ask them what worked and what didn't work. The easiest place you can do that is at one of Female Fusion's online or face to face events. If you're in the Fusion Circle, you have at least one opportunity per week to meet others - how great is that!

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