Email list building secrets

email marketing sales Oct 31, 2022

Do you send out regular and consistent emails from your business, or only occasionally – like when you have something to sell?

Email marketing is a great way to regularly engage with your customers or potential customers – because let’s face it, keeping up with social media, and all of the algorithm changes is not exactly fun.

So how do you find those customers that actually want to hear from you and be on your mailing list?


Quality over quantity
Whether you are starting with a few hundred email subscribers, or maybe even a few thousand – you want to have list of subscribers who actually want to hear from you. Unfortunately, some businesses can become more concerned about the size of their list, rather than the quality of their list.

In the email game: quality wins out over quantity every day.

So how do you find that beautiful list of engaged subscribers? Well let’s talk consent first - you cannot go and add people to your email list without getting their permission first. That means you are wasting your money buying a list, wasting your energy finding a business directory from a business group and copying everyone’s name and email address - when chances are you your emails will get marked as spam.

– and seriously - why do you want to send an email to someone if they’re not interested?!

If you meet someone at a networking event, and they give you their business card, it also does not mean they gave you permission to be on their mailing list.

How do you build your email list?
How you get people to sign-up to your email list is going to be personal for you and your business.

Here’s a few ideas to get you started:

Level - Easy

These are all pretty simple changes that you can put into place fairly quickly, which should allow you to capture more email addresses for your list

✨Subscribe to email list: include an option on your website where people can submit their details and subscribe to your email list
✨Have a call to action at the end of your blog for people to join your mailing list
✨Promote your email newsletter across your social media channels with a call to action
✨Offer a discount if they sign up for your mailing list
✨Ask for people to sign up for your newsletter when they make a purchase with you
✨If your product or service isn’t yet ready, create a waiting list that people can add their email address to

Level - Medium - takes some time

These activities will take you a bit more time to implement in your business, but once you've got them done, it will make it easier to capture email addresses.
✨ If you have a Facebook Group, ask for email addresses when people sign up
✨ Run a competition across your social channels, collect email addresses
✨ Give something for free – like a live masterclass or workshop online – and get people to sign-up online

Level - Hard - significant time investment

These activities will take you some time to create and implement in your business, but once you've set it up, these will be powerful ways for you to capture email contacts from people who are closely aligned to you and your business. 
✨ Develop a lead magnet like a checklist, template or even a guide in your area of expertise
✨ Record a masterclass or video and create a landing page that people can register to watch it
✨ Create a quiz – people love quizzes – but make sure it’s aligned with your area of business
✨ Create a collaboration with another business, and get people to sign up for your email list as part of the collab

Once you’ve got a system in place for regularly capturing emails contacts, your next step will be nurturing your contact list and ensuring they want to stay. This means that you’ll want to have a mix between knowledge sharing and selling. Businesses that mix emails up with sharing knowledge and selling have better open and click rates with their emails!

Extra resources
✔️If you’re a member of the Fusion Circle, you can login and catch the masterclass, Emails Done Right with Samar Owais which has a number of great tips
✔️Shopify also has a great article that provides a number of tips on how to improve your emails
✔️If you’re not in the Fusion Circle and would like to join, make sure you get onto the waiting list, for your exclusive invite when the membership opens up again

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