5 Lessons from an Accidental Entrepreneur

Jun 07, 2024

Zoë Chapman’s journey in launching her global brand Kiddiwhizz is filled with valuable lessons for any entrepreneur. As an accidental inventor turned solo founder, she has faced many challenges along the way.

Lesson 1: Solve Problems Through Creativity

Zoë came up with the idea for Kiddiwhizz by creatively addressing an everyday issue. While potty training her son, she repurposed a coffee cup when standard products didn’t work. This simple solution sparked her invention. Creativity can uncover business opportunities, no matter your background.

Lesson 2: Perseverance Pays Off

Early mistakes, like having her design stolen by an overseas factory, tested Zoë's resolve. She learned from these errors and kept refining her approach. “Those hurdles made me who I am,” she says. Entrepreneurship requires persistence—keep going even when faced with setbacks.

Lesson 3: Leverage Your Strengths and Network

Zoë used her connections in the parenting industry for advice on manufacturing and shipping. She also promoted Kiddiwhizz through social media storytelling. Understand your skills and build relationships to support your business.

Lesson 4: Conviction Wins Investors

Zoë’s pitch on Dragon’s Den impressed with her belief in her product, not just financial projections. She believed in Kiddiwhizz’s potential to help families. Confidence in your solution can attract partners and investors.

Lesson 5: Think Global from the Start

Now selling in over 25 countries, Zoë advises starting international expansion early. With the right strategies and timing, even solo founders can scale their ideas worldwide.

Zoë’s journey shows the determination needed to succeed as an entrepreneur. Starting from a simple solution to her own problem, she built Kiddiwhizz into a global brand. Her story is an inspiration for anyone with a vision, proving that creativity and persistence can turn even accidental inventions into successful businesses. Despite the challenges, Zoë's resilience and support from her community helped her move forward.

By sharing her lessons, she helps the next generation of founders pursue their dreams - with passion and problem-solving, entrepreneurial success is within reach.

Click here to watch our full interview with Zoë on the Women on the Rise Podcast!



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