Episode #99

What horses can teach you (that humans can't) with Janine Sudbury

Jen interviews entrepreneur Janine Sudbury about her journey building multiple successful businesses in New Zealand over 25 years. Janine shares how she overcame self-doubt to pursue opportunities and discusses her unique leadership program that uses horses to teach communication and relationship-building skills.

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Episode Takeaways

  • How Janine built a career in radio within a year of moving to NZ from opportunities not available in the UK
  • Janine's horse whispering leadership program that teaches balance of warmth and strength through equine exercises
  • Stories of women transforming careers by losing fear and niceness through Janine's program
  • Business lessons like following the money and importance of deadlines
  • Janine's experience overcoming a tutor's doubt to pursue a dream opportunity in Washington DC

Moonshots & Breakthroughs

Through our interviews with inspiring entrepreneurs, we highlight bold and ambitious ideas that have the potential to revolutionise the future. These ideas might seem impossible now, but if not us, then who? Together, we can shape a more equitable and fair world for everyone.

Jen and Janine discussed developing an online or virtual version of Janine's renowned horse whispering leadership program, which could revolutionise how soft skills and communication techniques are taught globally by making the program accessible to more people regardless of location. Additional breakthrough ideas involve applying Janine's methods of equine communication to build stronger relationships between diverse groups and overcome cultural barriers. This has the potential to foster greater understanding worldwide. Conducting research to validate and better understand the psychological and physiological impacts of Janine's unique approach could also help transform many more lives on a larger scale by advancing how careers and leadership skills are enhanced.

Imagine if...

  • Leadership development programs utilised augmented or virtual reality to allow for fully immersive experiences with digital animals. This could make interactive, experiential learning more widely accessible.

  • Entrepreneurs partnered with educators to develop accredited courses based on successful business models. This may help validate unconventional approaches and integrate them into mainstream curriculum.

About Janine Sudbury:

Janine Sudbury is a former BBC and National Radio broadcast journalist and presenter who has created one of the most unique leadership training centres in the country. She has a BA in Philosophy and Politics, has worked in Congress in Washington DC and has used these experiences to develop Impact Leadership. Her journalistic career has helped her develop an astuteness in reading people and situations which allow her to swiftly pinpoint how best to motivate and inspire. Janine is also a superb communicator and listener who is empathetic and capable of giving honest, passionate feedback.

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