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Episode Takeaways   

  • Growth through Adaptation

  • Pricing Confidence

  • The Networking Advantage

Show Notes

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Welcome to another inspiring episode of "Women on the Rise." In this episode, your host Jen Blandos introduces you to Cheri-Lee Roux, the co-founder of "The Workshop Hub," a unique business that has undergone remarkable growth in just three years. Cheri-Lee shares the journey of her business, from its humble beginnings of small crafting workshops to scaling up and venturing into B2B activations for hotels and restaurants. Discover how she navigated the challenges of pricing, networking, and transitioning to a new target audience. Join us as we explore Cheri-Lee's vision for the future and her commitment to growing her business organically.

Episode Takeaways:

  • Growth through Adaptation: Cheri-Lee's business, "The Workshop Hub," evolved from hosting small crafting workshops to handling large-scale B2B activations, demonstrating the power of adapting to market demands.
  • Pricing Confidence: Learning to set fair prices and sticking to them is crucial for business success. Cheri-Lee emphasises the importance of valuing your services and understanding your worth.
  • The Networking Advantage: Networking isn't just about getting immediate results; it's about building relationships and reciprocity. Cheri-Lee highlights how connections made through networking can lead to unexpected opportunities and collaborations.

Join us for this insightful conversation with a passionate entrepreneur on her journey to success.

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