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Episode Takeaways   

  • Know Your "Why"

  •  Visual Branding Matters

  •  Navigating Challenges

Show Notes

🎙 We are sharing the stories of 30 extraordinary female entrepreneurs over the next 30 days in our exclusive Women of Impact video podcast series!

In this episode of our Women of Impact series, Jen welcomes Female Fusion member Mukta, the founder of Miss Palatable, for a deep dive into the beauty industry. Mukta shares her journey from a finance career to the world of cosmetics, highlighting her mission to bring cruelty-free and consciously formulated beauty products to Dubai. She discusses the challenges and opportunities in the beauty business, the importance of a unique brand identity, and the evolving consumer awareness post-COVID. Mukta also provides invaluable insights for aspiring beauty brand entrepreneurs, emphasising the significance of understanding one's "why," branding, regulatory considerations, and supply chain management.

Episode Takeaways:

  • Know Your "Why": Before venturing into the competitive beauty industry, aspiring entrepreneurs must clearly define their purpose and the problem they aim to solve. Understanding your "why" will drive your brand's uniqueness and authenticity.
  • Visual Branding Matters: In the beauty industry, visual branding plays a pivotal role. Creating a unique and memorable brand identity, from packaging to marketing assets, is crucial for standing out in a crowded market.
  • Navigating Challenges: Building a beauty brand involves complexities, from regulatory approvals and warehousing to distribution and marketing. Entrepreneurs need to be prepared for the various challenges and costs associated with launching and scaling their businesses in this space. Leveraging networks like Female Fusion can be immensely helpful in finding solutions and support.

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