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Episode Takeaways   

  • Balancing Humour and Cultural Sensitivity

  •  Entrepreneurial Lessons

  • Artistic Evolution

Show Notes

We are sharing the stories of 30 extraordinary female entrepreneurs over the next 30 days in our exclusive Women of Impact video podcast series!

Join host Jen Blandos in a lively conversation with Claire Napper, the creative mind behind "The High Life" in the UAE. Claire shares her remarkable journey from working in advertising to becoming an acclaimed artist known for her iconic Dubai-inspired posters. Discover how she blends humour with cultural sensitivity and hear her insights on navigating the challenges of running an art-based business in a foreign country. From stocking mishaps to finding her artistic niche, Claire's story is both inspiring and entertaining.

Episode Takeaways:

  • Balancing Humour and Cultural Sensitivity: Claire Napper's art skilfully combines humour and satire while maintaining cultural sensitivity, reflecting the evolving cultural landscape of the UAE.
  • Entrepreneurial Lessons: Claire's journey as an artist and business owner highlights the importance of learning from mistakes, especially in managing stock, contracts, and deliveries.
  • Artistic Evolution: Claire's journey shows how pursuing a creative passion can lead to unexpected success, and how adapting to market demands is crucial for the long-term sustainability of an art-based business.

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