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Episode Takeaways   

  • Challenges Amidst Growth

  • Passion for Solution-Focused Therapy

  • Empowerment Through Wellness

Show Notes

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In this episode of "Women on the Rise," Jen sits down with the dynamic entrepreneur Sarmistha Mitra, founder of The Wellbeing Sanctuary in Dubai. Join them as they dive into the world of wellness centres and the journey of establishing a premium and authentic space amidst a bustling market. Sarmistha shares her transition from being a homemaker to becoming a business owner, shedding light on the challenges she faced, including competition and the pursuit of the right partnerships. Discover how Sarmistha's passion for solution-focused therapy has driven her to create a space where clients can find definitive answers to their well-being needs. With a focus on alternative treatment and psychology, Sarmistha's vision for The Wellbeing Sanctuary is to guide souls toward authentic transformation.

Episode Takeaways

  1. Challenges Amidst Growth: Sarmistha discusses the challenges she encountered while establishing The Wellbeing Sanctuary, including the competitive wellness market and the journey from being a homemaker to a professional therapist and business owner.
  2. Passion for Solution-Focused Therapy: Sarmistha's commitment to solution-focused therapy shines through as she highlights the importance of providing answers to clients' well-being concerns.
  3. Empowerment Through Wellness: Through her centre, Sarmistha aims to empower individuals by showcasing alternative treatments and psychology as real solutions to everyday challenges, while also addressing the ancestral burdens we often carry within us.

Tune in to gain insights into the world of wellness entrepreneurship and the power of seeking solutions.

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