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Episode Takeaways

  • The AI Evolution in Marketing
  • Strategic Integration of AI
  • Balancing Creativity and Automation
  • Future Trends and Business Growth

Show Notes

In this episode of "Women on the Rise," Jen sits down with marketing expert Desiree Banugo for an insightful conversation about the evolving landscape of marketing and the transformative role of artificial intelligence.

With decades of experience, Desiree shares her journey from the early days of manual data sifting to harnessing the potential of AI to create impactful campaigns. They explore the ways in which AI is reshaping the marketing industry, from content creation to decision-making processes.

Join Jen and Desiree as they delve into the importance of embracing technology while maintaining the essence of authentic human creativity and expertise.

Episode Takeaways:

  • The AI Evolution in Marketing
  • Strategic Integration of AI
  • Balancing Creativity and Automation
  • Future Trends and Business Growth

Tune in to this episode to gain a deeper understanding of the future of marketing, and discover how businesses can thrive by harnessing the synergy between human ingenuity and technological advancements. 

About Desiree
Desiree Banugo is a sought-after marketing strategist with over two decades of experience developing and executing marketing campaigns for global brands in-house and also within award-winning creative agencies.

Based in London, she consults established businesses and startups with a consumer-first approach using storytelling, data, technology and customer psychology to help brands reach their best customers and gain loyal advocates to maximise return on their marketing spend.

Desiree has an extensive portfolio and has worked across many sectors including technology, music, film, lifestyle, beauty, health and travel delivering digital, experiential, branding, advertising and social media campaigns. She has also co-developed and delivered social media and communications training courses in Europe and the Middle East.

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