Episode #102 

3 Marketing Experiments Every Business Needs To Try

Join Jen as she sits down with Maureen Hall, founder of COEGA Sunwear, to discuss the evolving world of marketing and social media.

With 20 years of entrepreneurial experience, Maureen shares valuable insights on collaborating with influencers, experimenting with marketing strategies, and adapting to ever-changing social media trends.

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Episode Takeaways

  • Learn how to choose the right influencers for your brand

  • Discover the importance of engagement over follower count in influencer marketing

  • Understand the value of experimenting with different marketing strategies

  • Get tips on creating educational content for short-form videos like Reels

  • Hear about the shift towards authenticity and realness in social media marketing

  • Gain insights on balancing traditional marketing methods with new digital strategies

Big Ideas

Through our interviews with inspiring entrepreneurs, we highlight bold and ambitious ideas that have the potential to revolutionise the future. These ideas might seem impossible now, but if not us, then who? Together, we can shape a more equitable and fair world for everyone.

Maureen’s two-decade journey in entrepreneurship offers a fresh perspective on adapting to the ever-evolving marketing landscape. Her approach emphasises the importance of authenticity and engagement in influencer collaborations, challenging the notion that follower count is the primary metric of success. By advocating for continuous experimentation with marketing strategies, Maureen demonstrates how businesses can stay relevant amidst rapidly changing social media trends. Her insights on creating educational short-form content highlight a shift towards value-driven marketing that resonates with modern audiences. Maureen's blend of traditional in-store marketing with innovative digital strategies showcases a holistic approach to brand building, proving that adaptability and a willingness to embrace new methods are key to long-term success in today's dynamic business environment.

Imagine If...

  • Brands focused on building genuine relationships with micro-influencers who deeply resonate with their values, creating a network of authentic brand ambassadors instead of chasing high-profile endorsements.
  • Companies embraced a culture of constant experimentation in their marketing strategies, allocating resources for regular testing of new platforms and content formats, leading to innovative breakthroughs in customer engagement.

About This Week's Guest

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