The leading professional network for female entrepreneurs, carefully curated to inspire, empower, and foster meaningful connections.

Female Fusion is the only comprehensive membership platform that brings together expert-led workshops, valuable resources, business critical discounts and a thriving community designed to GROW WITH YOU as you advance through each stage of your personal and professional journey as a business owner.

At Female Fusion, we understand that building a successful business requires more than just networking. That's why our carefully curated community offers you exclusive access to valuable connections, resources, knowledge, discounts, and a highly vetted group of peers who are committed to helping you build and grow your business.


Includes: Access to an online portal, monthly online masterclasses and guest expert sessions, monthly mindset coaching, monthly strategy sessions, online events and networking, media and public speaking opportunities, discounts on essential business services, and so much more!


Are you wondering where you fit in? At Female Fusion, we provide the support and resources for every stage of business.

Discover the different levels of business that are part of our professional network, and find out how Female Fusion helps you achieve these goals. Just click on your stage of business below and we'll tell you how we can help you grow!

As a female entrepreneur, do any of these situations sound familiar?


You've dreamt of running your own business, and now you've taken the leap! At this stage, you're likely:

  • Eager to set up your business as quickly as possible
  • Feeling overwhelmed by the sheer volume of tasks to tackle
  • Unsure how all the moving pieces come together – will you ever have your business set up?
  • Seeking the right connections to help you establish your business
  • Searching for reliable sources of support including finding the right suppliers, partners to collaborate with and people to recommend you
  • Operating on a tight budget, keen to grow your business quickly

Female Fusion is here to provide you with the information and guidance you need to launch your business successfully, ensuring your limited resources and money are invested in areas that yield the greatest impact, and helping you avoid common pitfalls faced by new entrepreneurs. Sadly, the failure rate for new businesses can exceed 20% within the first year. However, in Female Fusion, we are proud to report that our members who take advantage of our available resources and put in the effort tend to experience accelerated growth!


You've proven your concept to both yourself and your market, and now you're ready to take your business to the next level! At this stage, you're likely:

  • Grappling with the ins and outs of running a business and all that it entails
  • Feeling overwhelmed with handling every aspect of the business on your own
  • Eager to improve your marketing, sales, and business generation strategies
  • Seeking ways to get more support and delegate tasks effectively
  • Unsure how to reach your first 6-figure milestone
  • Searching for businesses to collaborate and partner with for mutual growth
  • Seeking increased exposure through press coverage, speaking engagements, and podcast appearances

For businesses in the BUILD phase, Female Fusion offers access to a wealth of knowledge through its masterclasses and online portal, invaluable connections within its network, essential business discounts, and opportunities to boost your visibility by connecting you with media opportunities, speaking events, and podcast appearances.



Your business has been growing, but you know that "what got you here won't get you there" – reaching the next level of revenue and growth can feel overwhelming.  

At this stage, you're likely: 

  • Exploring new marketing strategies to reach a wider audience
  • Enhancing your brand's presence and reputation in the market
  • Streamlining internal communication and workflow
  • Seeking expert advice on managing cash flow and finances
  • Implementing innovative tools and technology to improve productivity
  • Evaluating the success of current products or services and identifying potential areas for expansion
  • Building connections with investors and funding organisations to secure financial support for further expansion

Female Fusion assists businesses in the GROW phase by providing access to expert advice, innovative strategies, a diverse network of professionals, and opportunities to connect with potential investors and funding organisations. Together, these resources help you tackle challenges and drive your business towards sustained success.


You've reached a significant milestone, but there's more to achieve as you approach the million-dollar revenue mark. 

At this stage, you're likely: 

  • Realising that the strategies that got you this far won't be enough to propel you to the next level
  • Rethinking your business operations to ensure continued growth and success
  • Focused on refining and perfecting your product or service offering
  • Developing a strong brand identity and reputation in your industry
  • Identifying and optimising your most profitable revenue streams
  • Exploring opportunities for international expansion or market diversification
  • Strengthening your customer retention strategies
  • Implementing more sophisticated financial management and planning
  • Building your team by hiring permanent staff or outsourcing key tasks to specialists

Female Fusion supports businesses in the SCALE phase by connecting you with experts and peers who have successfully navigated similar growth stages. Gain insights into re-evaluating your strategies, optimising your revenue streams, expanding into new markets, managing finances effectively, and building a strong team as you approach the $1 million revenue milestone.


Your business has been successful, but now you're looking to take it even further.

At this stage, you're likely: 

  • Seeking connections with other women at a similar stage to discuss specific business challenges
  • Needing a sounding board to help you make informed decisions
  • Wanting to brainstorm big ideas with like-minded entrepreneurs
  • Looking for access to investment and funding opportunities to scale your business
  • Considering your exit strategy and wealth-building initiatives
  • Keen to give back by sharing your knowledge and experience with others
  • Exploring partnerships or collaborations to expand your reach and impact
  • Streamlining operations for maximum efficiency and profitability
  • Implementing advanced marketing strategies to further grow your customer base
  • Enhancing your leadership skills to effectively manage a growing team
  • Focusing on work-life balance as your business scales
  • Evaluating your impact on the community and finding ways to contribute positively

For businesses in the THRIVE phase, Female Fusion offers resources and connections to help you explore strategic partnerships, improve operational efficiency, refine your marketing strategies, develop your leadership skills, and maintain work-life balance. We also encourage members to assess their community impact and contribute positively to society.


You may not own a business, but you work for a company that champions and supports entrepreneurs. You'd like to join Female Fusion to provide ongoing assistance and resources to fellow members.

By being part of the community, you aim to:

  • Offer guidance and support to female entrepreneurs
  • Address their questions and share valuable insights
  • Present exclusive discounts or services for Female Fusion members
  • Build connections and network with like-minded female entrepreneurs

As a Champion in Female Fusion, you'll play a crucial role in nurturing the growth of female-led businesses by sharing your expertise, resources, and connections with our vibrant community of entrepreneurs.



What's included? 

All these topics are covered inside Female Fusion's Membership Portal and will help you start, build, grow and scale your business.

Stages of your business

✔︎ Start

✔︎ Build

✔︎ Grow

✔︎ Scale

✔︎ Thrive

Strategy and operations

✔︎ Strategic planning

✔︎ How to work ON and not IN your business

✔︎ Business planning

People and HR

✔︎ Hiring the right people

✔︎ Creating bonus & incentive schemes

✔︎ Automation systems for recruitment


Money & finance

✔︎ Finance essentials for running your business

✔︎ Budgeting & planning

✔︎ Business funding and investment options

✔︎ Increasing your profit

✔︎ Personal finance

Personal growth

✔︎ Building resilience

✔︎ Time management

✔︎ Mental fitness

Marketing & PR

✔︎ Marketing

✔︎ Digital marketing

✔︎ Public relations

✔︎ Email marketing

✔︎ Podcasting

Social media

✔︎ Creating a social media strategy

✔︎ Mastering all of the main social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok

✔︎ Advertising on social media platforms


✔︎ Sales strategies

✔︎ Social selling

✔︎ Managing sales teams

Legal and compliance

✔︎ Legal essentials for small businesses

✔︎ Intellectual property

✔︎ Legal templates

Systems and automations

✔︎ Setting up your company's systems

✔︎ Automations to help you scale

✔︎ Project management tools

Digital tools

✔︎ Digital products & services

✔︎ Creating a digital business from set-up to scale

✔︎ SEO

✔︎ Digital payments


✔︎ Stripe: no Stripe fees for your first $27,000 USD of transactions are free of Stripe fees (that could be a savings of up to $1,200 USD!)

✔︎ Aramex: 45% discount

✔︎ Crimson Legal: 25% discount off of legal documents drafting

✔︎ + so many other member-only discounts!


What else can you expect? 

No matter where you are in your business journey, here' what's on the inside:

Monthly masterclasses

Each month we explore a new theme in Female Fusion. Jen delivers a comprehensive masterclass on the topic of the month, providing practical insights and steps on how to implement it in your business.

You’ll learn strategies on a range of topics that will help you increase your profits, attract ideal customers, build a top-performing team, and refine your marketing approach. All masterclasses are recorded and put in the Member Portal for you to access.

11 x per year (December off)

Monthly guest expert sessions

Every month, we bring you top experts who deliver masterclasses on the topics of the month. We invite guests who deliver content that is relevant to those starting out in business, as well as to those with more experience. You'll have the opportunity to participate in a live Q&A and have all your questions answered.

11 x per year (December off)

Monthly office hours and business strategy sessions

Once a month, Jen spends two hours live online via Zoom, answering any questions people have about their business and business strategy. These sessions often turn into "hot seats" and are not recorded due to the confidential nature of the questions being asked directly about their business. This is a great opportunity to get high-level support for your business, no matter what challenges you’re facing.

12 x per year

Monthly mindset sessions

Running your own business can be a challenging journey that requires mental resilience. To help you stay motivated and focused, we offer monthly live mindset coaching sessions with Tricia Evans, an experienced business coach with over 20 years of experience. Tricia's sessions will leave you feeling inspired and ready to tackle any business challenge that comes your way. These online coaching sessions are held monthly, providing you with ongoing support to help you navigate the ups and downs of entrepreneurship.

12 x per year

Monthly online networking

Your network is your net worth. That's why our monthly online networking events provide a great opportunity to expand your professional network and make meaningful connections.

We recognise that there are many opportunities for our members around the world to connect and collaborate with each other, buy from each other, source products or services or ask for help or connections from a different market. Imagine the power of being able to ask your global network for support on anything and everything around the world – that's what you can get from online networking.

To accommodate our members across different time zones, we hold online networking events twice a month. To make the most of these events, we ask members to submit information in advance about what they're looking for, allowing us to connect them with like-minded individuals. After each event, we share contact details and the specific needs of each participant, making it easier for members to follow up and continue building valuable business relationships.

Online members’ portal  

The members’ portal is where you can get anything and everything related to owning a business.  

The portal is packed full of masterclasses, workshops, online training courses and templates for all stages of your business journey. If you have a question about running your business, chances are there’s a masterclass, video or template that covers the topic. 

Business templates

As a member of Female Fusion, you'll have access to a range of business templates that are ready to use in your own business. Our templates are designed to save you time and simplify your business processes, so you can focus on growing your business.

Our library includes templates on: a legal MoU template, marketing strategy, business plan, branding, press release writing, hiring staff, recruiting questions, job descriptions, and more. These templates have been tried and tested, providing you with a solid foundation to build your business upon.

With our business templates, you'll have the tools you need to create professional and effective documents quickly and easily, without the hassle of starting from scratch.

Online community and app

In the Female Fusion you'll have exclusive access to our online community and app. Our online community is designed to help you start, build, grow, and scale your business with the support of like-minded female entrepreneurs from around the world.

You'll gain access to different Circles within the community, allowing you to connect with businesses at the same level as you, in the same region, or in the same industry. This unique feature provides you with a powerful opportunity to network with other entrepreneurs, share insights and ideas, and gain valuable feedback on your business strategies.

The online community also offers regular challenges designed to help you stay accountable and motivated in achieving your business goals. You can track your progress and receive feedback from fellow members, all while building lasting relationships that will help you achieve success in your business.

You are also getting these bonuses:

How to livestream - Show up to level up

How to get clear on your business idea

How to create an online course in Kajabi

Your investment options

$97 | £80 per month

Paid in 12 x monthly installments


SAVE $184 | £160

$970 | £800 per year

Get 2 months for FREE

  • Get two months free and pay for your membership up front

Let's break down how much value you'll receive when you join the Female Fusion:

What’s inside

Every month

  • Group business strategy and office hours sessions
  • Mindset coaching
  • Masterclasses
  • Guest expert sessions
  • Online networking
  • Challenges to help keep you accountable in your business

Instant access to

  • Members’ portal
  • Business templates
  • Online community and app to connect with members around the world
  • Highly vetted community that you can collaborate, do business with and ask for supoprt from
  • Business critical discounts

Plus these bonuses:

  • How to livestream
  • How to get clear on your business idea
  • Create an online course in Kajabi

Optional* members’ only-events

  • Annual Female Fusion International Summit in Dubai, UAE
  • Annual Female Fusion Planning Day - in person in Dubai and London and online
  • Investment Summit - in Dubai
  • Annual retreat in Mykonos, Greece

* available at an additional cost

Your investment options

$97 | £80 per month

Paid in 12 x monthly installments


SAVE $184 | £160

$970 | £800 per year

Get 2 months for FREE

  • Get two months free and pay for your membership up front




 Just to remind you, here are all the amazing things you get inside the Female Fusion

Instant access to the Member Portal
11 x live online monthly masterclasses with Jen
11 x months of live online montly guest expert sessions
12 x monthly live online mindset sessions with Tricia Evans
12 x live online monthly business strategy & office hours sessions with Jen
Monthly online networking sessions
Free monthly Coffee Connect in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, bi-monthly in London
Members’ only community app for networking and collaborations
Discounts on business critical services and supplies
Access to media interviews and public speaking opportunities
Free showcase stalls at any in-person events
Opportunities to promote your business – elevator pitches, promotional posts in the Facebook Group
A premium listing in the online business directory of women-owned businesses helping you sell more
Discounts on in-person events
Extra bonuses to surprise and delight you

Why choose "Female Fusion" instead of a professional network for all entrepreneurs?

Despite the fact that women-led businesses often outperform those led by men in terms of revenue and longevity, female entrepreneurs face unique obstacles such as receiving only 1-2% of procurement opportunities and less than 1% of funding.

This disparity is even more staggering when considering a Boston Consulting Group study that found women entrepreneurs who receive funding generate over twice as much revenue per dollar invested compared to male entrepreneurs, as reported in the 2022 NWBC annual report.

Women also lack the same access to networks and connections as men, an element Female Fusion is actively counter-balancing by providing a space where women entrepreneurs can connect with each other, share knowledge and resources, and build relationships with potential investors and customers.

While we welcome and value the participation of anyone who supports women entrepreneurs and our mission of creating a more equitable and inclusive business ecosystem, we believe that by targeting the specific needs of female entrepreneurs, we can help bridge the gender gap and promote a more diverse and thriving entrepreneurial community overall.

Check out these discounts!

Your first $27,000 USD of transactions are free of Stripe fees (that could be a savings of up to $1,200 USD!)

45% off of shipping

25% off of legal document drafting fees

Exclusive discounts for Female Fusion members

Go and Grow Digital Mastercard events exclusively for members throughout the year

Your investment options

$97 | £80 per month

Paid in 12 x monthly installments


SAVE $184 | £160

$970 | £800 per year

Get 2 months for FREE

  • Get two months free and pay for your membership up front

Get access to an online portal, monthly online masterclasses and guest expert sessions, monthly mindset coaching, monthly strategy sessions, online events and networking, media and public speaking opportunities, discounts on essential business services, and so much more!

Jen Blandos, CEO and Founder, Female Fusion

Jen is a highly successful entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience running seven-figure businesses. Originally from Canada, Jen has owned and managed businesses in several international cities, including London, Brussels, Dubai, and Abu Dhabi.

As the CEO and Founder of Female Fusion, a global professional network for female entrepreneurs, Jen is committed to helping women access opportunities to start, build, grow, and scale their businesses. With a community of more than 40,000, and over  1,000 paid members, Female Fusion is focused on empowering women to build profitable businesses by accessing opportunities around the world. Jen's passion for supporting female entrepreneurs has made her a sought-after mentor and speaker in the industry.  In March 2023, Jen was named as one of 25 global female visionaries by Mastercard Priceless for the work that she does with female entrepreneurs.

About Female Fusion

Female Fusion is a global digital membership for female entrepreneurs that helps them start, build, grow and scale their businesses. From women who are just starting out up to 8-figure businesses, we provide an online platform and in-person community to help women excel in business.

Female Fusion is a business of impact that helps women:

  • get access to business opportunities
  • get access to finance and investment
  • build their networks and contacts globally
  • understand how to build a profitable business of their dreams
  • be part of a community of like-minded women that values collaboration over competition, supporting everyone to start, build, grow and scale their businesses

With a community of more than 40,000 businesses and a membership of over 1,000 businesses worldwide we are truly stronger together.



Your investment options

$97 | £80 per month

Paid in 12 x monthly instalments


SAVE $184 | £160

$970 | £800 per year

Get 2 months for FREE

  • Get two months free and pay for your membership up front