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Personal branding template pack


Get instant access to the proven templates used by Female Fusion's founder, Jen, for speaking engagements, media appearances, and podcast interviews.

You'll get immediate access to...
✔︎ Personal Profile and Biography Template: Craft a captivating and compelling bio that truly reflects your story, values, and achievements.
✔︎ Podcast Profile Template: Elevate your podcast guesting game with our professionally designed profile template. Gain an edge in pitching to potential shows and increase your chances of securing guest spots on top podcasts.
✔︎ Personal Branding Photoshoot: Get picture-perfect results with ease. Our template will guide you in communicating your vision to photographers, ensuring you capture the perfect shots that align with your personal brand. You'll also get a checklist of everything you need to consider when planning your personal branding photo shoot.

 Plus you'll also get access to these bonuses
✨ Step-by-step instructional videos guiding you through the template customisation process
✨ A comprehensive personal branding photographer briefing template, ensuring you're fully prepared for your next shoot
✨ Personal profile and biography creation mini-training to help you create one that makes an impact